Why do I need to do a Background Check?

It is extremely important to run a background check on the caregiver or nanny that you decide to hire.If the candidate has opted to run a background check on themselves, it is highly recommended that you also run a background check since a person can control what type of background check is being ran. It is also extremely important to do a National background check since local county searches are only limited to individual counties. If you only run a background check in the nanny’s current city, you may be missing any crimes the nanny may have committed previously in different cities.

A good nanny background check will include a Social Security Number Search (this usually includes a name alias search and address history search), a National criminal database search, National sex offender search, and most importantly a 7 year county criminal search in the main counties the nanny has resided (ideally all counties). In addition to the background check, we recommend running a Department of Motor Vehicle search to make sure the candidate hasn’t had extensive tickets, an accident, a DUI or DWI.

Make sure you do a comprehensive background check that will enable you to make the smart hiring decision for the safety of your family.

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