We recommend that parents do the following to ensure the safety of their children:

• Verify a caregiver’s identity to ensure that the candidate is using real and accurate identification. This can be done by asking for a caregiver’s social security card, driver’s license and another form of photo ID.

• Verify at least 3 work references and 2 personal references. Be careful not to accept letters of recommendation in lieu of speaking with real references.

• Verify educational history as well as credentials and licenses.

• Perform an extensive background check on any caregiver or in-home helper that works in your home. This includes nannies, babysitters, temporary or vacation nannies, doulas, baby nurses, caregivers and housekeepers. Nothing is 100% but you will want to verify the nanny’s social security number, run a National Criminal Records search (this is a database search) as well as conduct in-house county criminal searches in all the main cities the nanny has resided in (it is highly recommended that you do all cities the nanny has lived in for the past 7 years). Additionally, you will want to do a National Sex Offender search. It is also highly recommended that you run a Department of Motor Vehicles search to make sure the nanny hasn’t had extensive accidents or a DUI/DWI. This is especially important if your nanny will be driving your children around. All of this this will help ensure that the nanny you have hired has nothing criminal in her past. Also, be sure to check all aliases the caregiver has used.

• In addition to these screenings, you may wish to consider obtaining a credit report as well as conducting a civil records search, which would expose lawsuits, liens and judgments.

• Comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and all other applicable local, state and federal laws.

If you need to run a reasonably priced background check on a candidate, we highly recommend using USSearch.com, a reputable background check company that offers affordable criminal background checks. This will enable you to make the smart hiring decision for the safety of your family.